Rejuvenate with a Spa Manicure Treatment

Our spa manicure treatments are the perfect way to relax while also strengthening your natural nails for healthy growth. We offer a number of soothing options that will never damage your natural nails.


Classic Manicure: $14

For the Classic Manicure, we will bathe your hands in an orange aromatic soak after removing your polish and shaping your nails. Your cuticles will be groomed and conditioned, and your hands and arms will be massaged with a mango creamy lotion for 6 minutes. We will finish the relaxing manicure by applying our high-end polish in the color of your choice.


Honey Milky Sugar Glow Manicure: $21

The Honey Milky Sugar Glow Manicure includes everything that the Classic Manicure has to offer, but with an added exfoliation to your arms and hands. We will lightly exfoliate your hands with a Honey Milky Sugar Glow that will condition and leave them feeling silky soft. In addition, we will apply a cooling mask treatment to your arms and wrap them with a warm towel. You’ll get an 8-minute massage to your arms and hands and finish with a white diamond or lavender-scented lotion and polish in the color of your choice. You’ll leave with velvety-smooth skin and gorgeous nails!


Paraffin Spa Manicure: $26

Our Paraffin Spa Manicure is the ultimate spa treatment for your hands. It includes shaping and buffing of your nails, cuticle grooming, our Honey Milky Sugar Glow hand and arm exfoliation and a warm paraffin treatment. Not only will your hands feel silky soft and radiant, a paraffin treatment can also help sooth arthritis pain and muscle aches. We’ll finish with an 8-minute massage to your arms and hands, white diamond or lavender-scented lotion and polish in the color of your choice.


Deluxe Spa Manicure: $31

Our Deluxe Spa Manicure includes everything in the Paraffin Spa Manicure with an added cooling mask treatment to your arms, and a 12-minute therapeutic massage to your arms, neck and shoulders. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, with silky smooth hands that have been exfoliated and hydrated, and beautiful nails.


Gelish Manicure: $28 – $33

The Gelish colored gel application is a great way to achieve a long-lasting manicure with your natural nails. We’ll remove your polish, shape your nails and bathe your hands in an orange aromatic soak. After grooming your cuticles, we’ll apply the colored gelish treatment on your natural nails. This new and advanced gel polish does not chip or peel and lasts for 2-3 weeks, all without having to apply an artificial nail. We’ll finish with a relaxing mango lotion massage.


Princess Manicure: $12

Who says manicures are just for adults? Nail World & Spa offers Princess Manicures to children ages 12 and under. The Princess Manicure includes everything the Classic Manicure offers.


Relax and get pampered at Nail World & Spa. Call for an appointment or to book a party: 207-373-1193

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