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Beautiful Nails That Look Great and Last

Nail World & Spa offers several options for beautiful, long lasting and natural looking nails. Choose from pink and white nails, acrylic nails or gel nails.

Acrylic Nails are the most popular type of nails on the market. They are durable, but they do not require as much time as the other nail options to apply. Acrylic nails generally should be filled every two weeks.

Acrylic Nail Pricing

Full Set: $31

Full Set with White Tips: $36

Refill: $21

Color Tip Full Set: $41


Pink and White Nails give you a permanent French Manicure that will not chip. These long lasting nails require a two-step acrylic application process. Pink and White Nails should be filled about every two weeks.


Pink and White Nails Pricing

Full Set: $51

Refill with a Gel Sealer: $36

Refill: $26

Gel Nails are a great option for those who are looking for a natural-looking enhancement for their nails. Gel nails are thin, clear, flexible and do not yellow. They can be used as natural nail overlays or tip overlays and should be filled every two weeks.


Gel Nails Pricing

Full Set: $46

Refill: $26

Pink and White Gel Set: $65

Pink and White Gel Refill: $45


Relax and get pampered at Nail World & Spa. Call for an appointment or to book a party: 207-373-1193

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